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Portrait / French Version / TV5 Monde

Guest of Katherina Marx, ambassador of French chic, during an episode of French Version (a TV5Monde program), Solène Eloy explains the extent of her techniques and in particular her artist wallpapers!

Singular Landscapes, Genesis.

Within the Atelier du Mur, a decorative painting workshop created in 2010 , Solène Eloy works with different traditional techniques that she modernizes. Some such as fresco painting, wall painting or the decorative coatings are made directly on the walls vertically. Others, like églomisé glass (painting behind glass) or painting on paper require horizontal painting.

In the work of Solène Eloy the notion of fluidity is very important.
She lays ink, watercolours, very diluted paint on paper. The gesture is very spontaneous, the drops crash, fuse or float. The liquids mingle, overlap, rub shoulders, repel each other…giving rise to landscapes that truly reveal themselves once dry.

Starting from the desire to be able to see on the walls these “Landscapes” which are born of the artistic gesture and require horizontal work, the development of wallpapers has become obvious.

The “Singular Landscapes” collection was thus born during the first confinement in 2020.
This collection, which will be regularly increased by new panoramic decorations in printed wallpaper, consists initially of five decorations : “Snow”, “Rock”, “Travertine”, “Remous” and “Feuillu”, inspired by the mineral world, nature or the elements.

“Snow” is a soft decor. Time seems to suspend its flight but nothing is frozen. The movement is felt through these fine particles as if lulled by a light breeze.
“Rock” by its movement and its richness, envelops us in its mineral softness.
“Travertine” is a mineral decor that transports us to the strata of a rock.
“Remous” is a bubbling decor. We feel the power of the painter’s gesture. He draws us into his energy.
“Leafy” is a graphic forest whose gradation of colors brings depth to the decor.

These “Singular Landscapes” are printed on a very matte paper which is similar to the paper used for art prints, allowing a high-end print rendering and a very beautiful color depth.

L’Atelier du Mur , a member of the Atelier d’Art de France , makes it a point of honor that the wallpapers are designed and printed in France.

We offer panoramic wallpapers with standard sizes on the site, but you can contact us for a “tailor-made” service to adjust the decor to your space.
The “tailor-made” service concerns both individuals and decoration professionals. For professionals, we also offer to develop a particular shade for your projects and even a unique wallpaper as part of the decoration of a boutique concept or a hotel for example.
Buying a wallpaper from the Atelier du Mur allows you to have an artist’s wallpaper at home.
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