Les Dorés, Genesis.

Blue and Gold Splash Wallpaper

Gold has always occupied an important place in Solène Eloy’s work. She likes its reflections, the way it captures the light, its colors.

She plays with gold and copper leaf by embedding them in her decorations in an unconventional way. Self-taught, she follows the intuition of her gesture to translate her desires. Thus we find the gold or copper leaves sometimes crumpled, encrusted, occupying a whole background or on the contrary, sprinkled like a rain of gold.
At 18, she spent a year in Italy and discovered the richness of the decorations painted in all the monuments.

Beautiful raw and precious decorations

What interests Solène above all is the contrast between the raw aspect of the A fresco painted coatings and the preciousness of the gold. The one and the other thus associated sublimate and give birth to beautiful raw and precious decorations. The Doge’s Palace in Venice is a wonderful example.

Later she exhibited her work in Japan and discovered the beauty of Japanese screens, their use as light reflectors in deliberately dark and sober rooms.

For Solène “Gold is a non-colour, and like white it goes with everything”.

Inspired by Italian frescoes from the Renaissance as much as by Japanese screens, Solène Eloy designs, for L’Atelier du Mur, the wallpapers “Les Dorés” printed on a gilded background with copper leaf in an artisanal way.

The patterns and their color are highlighted by these precious backgrounds, vectors of light.

These golden wallpapers have a very high-end finish and are made in France. They have been particularly designed for headboards, alcoves or small rooms, but can also be used on a large wall for a masterful effect.