From drawing to wallpaper

from drawing to panoramic

Solène Eloy draws, paints, plays with pigments, colors, the fluidity of inks.
It all starts with an inspiration that translates into a gesture.

The graphic compositions are born from precise and thoughtful gestures, the mineral landscapes from more spontaneous gestures.

The original works are designed on large formats. They are then reproduced in high resolution and then printed on wallpaper. Thus real abstract or graphic landscapes are designed to adorn your walls.

The birth of the first collection

The first collections of wallpapers were born from the first confinement in 2020.
During this suspended time, Solène Eloy immersed herself in the Landes nature that surrounded her.

The leaves of the trees that move with the sea breeze, the clouds that pass and change color with the light of day; the pistils of the flowers which fly away carried by the wind, the power of the ocean and its waves are elements which inspired the graphic compositions of the collections.

The moss on the rocks and the colors of the stones inspired the more mineral decorations.

To transcribe and keep all the nuances of the colors in the “Singular Landscapes” collection, we have found a very matt wallpaper made in France.

The “golden wallpaper” collection

Gold leaf is an integral part of Solène Eloy’s work, so we have developed a “Les Dorés” collection with a very qualitative print on gilded paper with gold tone copper leaf made in France in an artisanal way.

The contrast between the matte print and the light-reflecting golden background is of the most beautiful effect and contributes to the marriage of modernity and tradition.

The rendering is very close to a work done by hand.

We see the small bubbles of paint in the “Clouds” decor and the nuances of watercolor in the “Leafy” decor.

The original work is therefore transcribed very faithfully in these very qualitative wallpapers that we offer.